Affiliated Faculty

In Memoriam: Klaus Berghahn, Professor Emeritus of German and CGES Founding Director, 1937-2019

Hans Adler Professor Emeritus of German | Email

Brandon J Bloch Assistant Professor of History | Email

Thomas Broman Professor of History of Science | Email

Joseph Conti Associate Professor of Sociology and Law | Email

Mark Copelovitch Professor of Political Science and Public Affairs | Email

Elizabeth Covington Faculty Associate and the Executive Director of European Studies | Email

William Cronon Professor Emeritus of History, Geography, and Environmental Studies | Email

Greg Downey Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication, Associate Dean | Email

Colleen Dunlavy Professor Emerita of History | Email

Patrick Eagan Professor of Environmental Studies | Email

Hannah Eldridge Associate Professor of German | Email

Ivan Ermakoff Professor of Sociology | Email

Myra Marx Ferree Director Emerita of CGES and Professor Emerita of Sociology, Gender and Women’s Studies | Email

Chad Goldberg Professor of Sociology; Faculty Affiliate in the Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies | Email

Elizabeth Hennessy Associate Professor of History and Environmental Sciences | Email

Linda Hogle Professor Emerita of Medical History and Bioethics | Email

Robert Howell Professor Emeritus of German | Email

Robert Kaiser Professor of Geography | Email

Richard Keller Professor of Medical History and Bioethics | Email

Sonja Klocke Professor in German; Director of the Center for German and European Studies| Email

Heinz Klug Professor of Law | Email

Mary Layoun Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature | Email

Weijia Li Clinical Professor, School of Education; Director of Global Higher Education Master’s Degree Program | Email

Michael Light Associate Professor of Sociology| Email

Mark Louden Professor of German | Email

B. Venkat Mani Professor of German; Faculty Affiliate in Center for Global Studies and Center for South Asia | Email

Gregg Mitman Professor of History of Science, Medical History, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies | Email

Sabine Mödersheim Associate Professor of German | Email

Sarah Moore Assistant Professor of Geography | Email

Lynn Nyhart Professor of History of Science; Faculty Affiliate in Integrated Liberal Studies | Email

Pamela Potter Professor Emerita of German and Musicology; Director of the Center for German and European Studies 2015-2019 | Email

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen Merle Curti Professor of History | Email

Nils Ringe Professor of Political Science | Email

Simone Schweber Associate Professor of Education and Jewish Studies | Email

Marc Silberman Director Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of German; Faculty Affiliate in Department of Theatre and Drama, Department of Communication Arts | Email

Daniel Spaulding Assistant Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art| Email

Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor Professor of Dutch and German | Email

Florence Vatan Professor of French; Director of the Center for German and European Studies 2019-2020 | Email

Lee Palmer Wandel Professor of History | Email