University of Wisconsin–Madison

Past Recipients

The Center aims to educate the next generation of scholars and researchers at the post-secondary level in fields relating to German and European Studies by supporting numerous students through competitive fellowships.  Between 1998 and 2016, the CGES UW-Madison alone has supported many students from 16 different departments. CGES offers lectures, lecture series, seminars, workshops, and conferences aimed at educating university students, developing their professional experiences, and offering them opportunities to make professional contacts outside of their own fields of study.

2018 Research Fellowship Recipients

Christy Wahl, Art History
Ian McQuistion, German

2017 Research Fellowship Recipients

Nona Gronert, Sociology
Matthew Greene, German
Christopher Stohs, German
Mariola Maria Szumilas (Bonn Exchange Fellow)

2017 Travel Grant Recipients

Julia Anderle de Sylor, German
Maayan Mor, Political Science

2016 Research Fellowship Recipients

Leah Ewing, German
Jennifer Gramer, Department of History
Lesley Hughes, School of Music

2016 Travel Grant Recipients

Jennifer Gramer, Department of History
Richard Hronek, German
Lesley Hughes, School of Music
Madeleine Pape, Department of Sociology
Christy Wahl, Department of Art History

2015 Research Fellowship Recipients

Joel Kaipainen, Department of German
Lucian Roth, Department of German
Jeremy Zima, School of Music

2015 Travel Grant Recipients

Charles Cahill, Department of German
Justin Court, Department of German
Gregory Jones-Katz, Department of History

2014 Research Fellowship Recipients

Taylan Acar, Department of Sociology
Charles Cahill, Department of History
Julia Ruck, Department of German

2014 Travel Grant Recipients

Jennifer Gramer, Department of History
Joseph Wszalek, Program for Neuroscience and Public Policy

2013 Research Fellowship Recipients

Richard Hronek, Department of German
Molly Laas, Department of History of Science, Medicine and Technology
Emanuel Ubert, Department of Sociology

2013 Travel Grant Recipients

Taylan Acar, Department of Sociology
Lesley Hughes, Department of Musicology
Karolina May-Chu, Department of German

2012 Research Fellowship Recipients

Sanja Badanjak, Department of Political Science
Eric O’Connor, Department of History
Brice Collins, Department of German

2011 Research Fellowship Recipients

Maria Carone, Department of Italian and Department of German
Jessica Clayton, Department of Political Science
Justin Court, Department of German
Pilar Goñalons-Pons, Department of Sociology
Judith Kaplan, Department of History of Science

Student Fellowship Recipients 1998-2010