UW alumna successfully completes Bundestag Internship

In the Fall of 2016, former UW- Madison student, Tessa Coggio, completed a Bundestag Internship where she worked with the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development. Below is a first-hand account of her time abroad:

“The Emigre Memorial German Internship was easily the most valuable practical-learning experience I’ve had to date. The Bundestag is a fast-pace, dynamic, challenging and inspiring work environment – and of course, everything is done entirely in German! My language skills have never been put to the test so frequently or grown so extensively in only two short months.

With EMGIP, each intern is assigned to work with the administration of one parliamentary committee, this means that every internship is truly unique. I was placed with the Ausschuss für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit u. Entwicklung (or Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development). My duties included plenty of research into exciting development-related fields, drafting of emails and invitations, administrative tasks and attending countless parliamentary hearings and events. I had an excellent supervisor who personally strove to make my short time at the Bundestag as rewarding and insightful as possible.

A bonus to working for the most important democratic institution in Germany is living in the incredible city of Berlin! Make sure to take advantage of everything this fun and affordable capital has to offer.

My advice for applicants: don’t underestimate yourself. Just apply! Plan ahead, however, since applications are due as early as one year before your internship commences.”


For more information please click here to visit the Bundestag Internship website